Although we would agree that the process of discipleship is far from linear in nature, we feel that the most logical way to tackle these sessions is in the order given. They will guide you through the process from being a reproducible disciple to becoming a reproducing disciple. We have divided the sessions into three distinct categories: the Up Rhythm (Love for Jesus), the In Rhythm (Love for Others), and the Out Rhythm (Love for the Lost).


In John 15, we find the key to living as a disciple making disciple. If we abide in Jesus, He tells us that we will bear much fruit (reproduce disciples). The opposite also is true knowing that apart from Him we can do nothing. The Up Rhythm is the process of surrendering all of life to Jesus. When you are living surrendered to Him, He then works in you and through you. So, that is why these sessions are first. To reproduce a disciple, you must first be reproducible. The goal of this first section of sessions is to focus on your personal growth and development as a disciple.

1. What is a Disciple?

Jesus commanded us to be disciples who make disciples. In this session we will discover exactly what that means.

2. Heart of Worship

There is an ocean of difference between going through the motions and going all in. Authentic worship always results from a surrendered heart.

3. Reading the Bible

In this session we see how a consistent time of reading the bible leads to right believing in all areas of life. This in turn leads us to freedom in Christ. All of this is done best when you have a plan in the context of community.

4. Prayer

The discipline of prayer is an essential discipline in every aspect of life as a disciple, but it starts with a focus on relationship.

5. Gospel Fluency | Part 1

What is the gospel? How is it defined? In this session, we look at a simple definition and some of the benefits of it.

6. Gospel Fluency | Part 2

Have you ever thought about the grand narrative of the bible? In this session, we want to help you think through the bible using just 4 words.

7. The Holy Spirit | Part 1

This session helps the disciple understand the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

8. The Holy Spirit | Part 2

Before a follower gets to the filling of the Spirit in their life, there must be surrender; obedience to the commands of Jesus and offering up yourself as His servant.

9. Our Enemy | Part 1

As a disciple who is taking seriously the command of Jesus to make disciples, you need to know that you have an enemy.

10. Our Enemy | Part 2

Knowing who we battle is one thing, knowing how we battle is quite another. This session begins to uncover how we do battle against our enemy.


Throughout the NT, there are countless references to what is referred to as the ‘one-anothers.’ The ‘one-anothers’ refer to the activity of believers in discipling one another. We learn early in the Scripture that God saw that it was not good for man to be alone. When it comes to being a disciple making disciple, we must be mutually accountable and responsible for each other’s growth. The goal of this section of sessions is to help you develop as a disciple in the context of Christian community.

11. Discipleship in Community

Ever wondered what a healthy christian community looked like? In this session we un pack what it could look along with steps to move a community in this direction.

12. Accountability

Faith is most often shipwrecked in isolation. We grow best in the context of authentic, transparent relationships.

13. Personal Responsibility in Community

Every member of the Body of Christ has a role to play and a gift to contribute that is both necessary for the body and unique in the body.

14. Signs of a Healthy Community

Not all community is created equally. In order to be healthy disciples we must live in healthy community.

15. Sharing my Story

Does the thought of sharing your story of meeting Jesus scare you? In this lesson we look at three simple keys that the apostle Paul talked about when sharing his story.


This final section of sessions focuses on going out to accomplish the mission of Jesus. For most believers, this is where they stop short. They are much more comfortable saying, ‘come and see’ instead of going into places and being with people that are not like them or believe like them. These videos will give you simple strategies as we look at the example and teachings of Jesus.

16. You are a Missionary

We carry the message of Jesus with us wherever we live, work, study, play, or shop. It isn’t only what we do, it is who we are.

17. Living Intentionally

As disciples of Jesus, we have received the biggest blessing one could ever ask for. We have received eternal life and a relationship with Christ. Learn how a simple acrostic will give you practical steps to blessing others.

18. Person of Peace

Whether you share the message of Jesus a lot or a little, the concept that you will learn though this session will be extremely liberating for you. It is the concept of the person of peace.

19. Life in Rhythm

Being a missionary means living intentionally. Discover how to leverage your passions and rhythms with purpose on mission.

20. Helping Someone Become a Disciple

This session is designed to guide you through a suggested set of steps to help a person trust Jesus followed by some beginning steps after that decision.

21. On Mission Together

You were not created to live on mission alone. In this session we talk about the three contexts for mission. Each has its own challenges and advantages but all are necessary.